While at the Missourian, I have completed two multimedia projects. The first is titled, “The Betty D.” It’s about a group of family and friends who take their boat on the Missouri River every Saturday. The man who owns the boat named it after his wife who died in 2005.

The Betty D

Foreclosures affect some Boone County streets more than others

This video is about a woman in Columbia who had seen two of her neighbors lose their homes to foreclosure. It was part of a package I did on foreclosures during the spring of 2008. I produced a 60-inch enterprise story, three sidebar stories and this video.

Reforming the Missourian’s crime coverage

A classmate of mine, Adam Burris, and me partnered together in our senior capstone class taught by Tom Warhover and Jacqui Banaszynski. We argued that the Missourian should no longer report names in crime stories unless it planned on following and reporting on the case until disposition. The above site explains our proposal. At the time, the Missourian reported names in all arrest blotters and crime stories but only followed up and reported the entire story with high-profile cases, such as murders, which were incredibly rare.


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