Writing and Reporting

Below are seven examples of my writing and reporting in PDF form from the various publications I have worked for in my short journalism career. If you click on the PDF page, you can view the article as it appeared on the page in the paper with the text alongside it.

Omaha company makes all NCAA trophies

Big splash: Coaches says numbers will jump

Foreclosures closing in on mid-Missouri housing market

Water Wars: The battles for the Missouri River

Food aid staff, applicants adapt and lines shrink

Former POW shares experiences living with McCain

North Carolina hurdler doesn’t sweat it


Here you will find six stories in PDF form that I edited while working as a copy editor at the Columbia Missourian during the Fall 2008 semester. If you click on the PDF page, you can view the article as it appeared when published.

MU aims for no-loss November


This is a story I edited and also wrote its headline. The story initially said Kansas State coach Ron Prince resigned. But, after reading other stories and checking with the reporter, we learned Prince had actually been fired by Kansas State’s athletic director.

Hulshof benefits most from repeal of campaign limits

As a copy editor, I take great pride in strengthening the nut graphs of stories. A story with a weak nut graph doesn’t tell readers the whole story and often gives readers another excuse to stop reading. I took information from the third paragraph, “according to campaign finance disclosures filed Thursday with the Missouri Ethics Commission.” I reworked the first few paragraphs to make sure the nut graph stood out to readers.

Former MU football scribes revisit past

MU football scribes continued

Online version

Print version

This story took place during the Missouri School of Journalism’s Centennial celebration. I had to cut almost six inches from the online version of the story to fit it into print. I still feel the story reads as if no sizeable trim took place at all. I also wrote the headline for this story.

No whiff for ‘The Biff’ in opener

‘The Biff’ continued

I edited this story and wrote its headline. Being a sports story, I knew I could have a little fun in writing the headline. I think sports fans come to the sports page looking to be informed and entertained. I think I did both with the headline.

Resurgent Rams roll over dismal Dallas

Resurgent Rams continued

In sports, one can take liberties he or she cannot take when writing news headlines. I wanted to play off the fact that the Rams were suddenly now on a roll while Dallas was in the midst of struggle. I think the headline captured that point during the season well.

Warner threads Rams in return

This is a simple sports headline, something I think we could see more of at times. It’s tempting to want to get cute with sports headlines all the time, but I realized this story required a simple, succinct headline and I delivered.


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